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Compendium Group LLC is a builder, developer and general contractor that specializes in projects in the downtown Indianapolis neighborhoods. The majority of our projects are single family custom homes but we’ve completed townhome projects, commercial projects and historic renovations on a variety of structures.

We truly value transparency, communication and reliability and that translates into every relationship throughout a collaborative process that is tailored to you project. We are committed to building something extraordinary with you as a partner in the process. 

Our design process

Browse our gallery to get a feel for our style or visit our ‘Available’ page for an overview of the neighborhoods we’re building in.

STEP 1 | Collaborate

Each and every project is as unique as the client we’re working with. We make sure to create the time and space to get to know you and your project. We want to know all about your goals, aesthetic preferences, budget, lifestyle and time frame.

STEP 2 | Design

With a lot selected, we begin work on the design and looking at different plans. Exterior designs generally come next as we continue to pool together details and ideas. Our goal is to always balance the design process against project budgets to make sure that informed decisions are made along the way. With most jobs, we take a small deposit to help cover the design costs.

STEP 3 | Document

While certainly not the most exciting part of the process, good documentation is critical to a project’s successful completion. Architectural drawings are finalized and specifications are written for many of the materials. Depending on the project, allowances for finishes may be assigned when final choices have not yet been made. Every step of this stage is about ensuring our client (you!) and our project team agree on the project details.

STEP 4 | Finance

The majority of our clients use some sort of financing for their projects and we have excellent financial relationships that can help get your project done. Generally, this process requires the completed contracts, plans and specifications to obtain loan approval. While the financing process is underway, our project team utilizes this time to finalize details, prep the build site, pull permits and prepare for the construction process.

STEP 5 | Build

Our project team gets to work focusing on the execution of the plans, details and specifications that were produced in the previous steps. We utilize a cloud based project management and cost tracking software that is available to our clients 24-7. The project costs are transparent, the schedule is identified from the start and updated weekly and any changes are discussed and priced along the way.

Meet Our Team

By definition, a ‘compendium’ is a collection of things that have been gathered together and presented as a whole. The building process is just that—a compendium of ideas, people and resources brought together to present a finished product—your home, business or revitalized building.

Micah J. Hill

Micah is passionate about good design, geeks out on building science and thinks the best part of construction is being on the job site. He has eighteen years of experience in construction and development projects in the downtown Indianapolis area.

Tatum Hill

Tatum ensures our clients receive the proper level of service during the build process. Her attention to detail and familiarity with building materials allow her to coordinate all of the necessary information to vendors, trade partners and field supervision.

Mike Gilpatrick

Mike is a Project Manager whose strong background in construction allows him to facilitate the construction of our projects. His previous work experience as a framer, remodeler and business owner give him an excellent perspective of the vendor, contractor and client.

Ben Bitner

Ben has a diverse project management background with commercial construction, residential remodeling, and environmental project management experience. His extensive experience in roofing and siding, flooring and tile, as well as general contracting provides him with a well-rounded knowledge of the construction process.

Jadon Bliss

Jadon is a native of Indianapolis but has also lived in Central America and brings his fluency in Spanish to the team. He comes from a family of construction and real estate backgrounds, resulting in varied experiences across many sectors. He has a passion for building and enjoys the process from start to finish. Outside of work you will find Jadon on the Pickleball court, golf course or gym.

Henry David

Henry joined our team in January of 2016 as the 2nd employee of Compendium Group! He generally finds himself in charge of all things fun and brings enthusiasm to every project. While lacking formal education, he has a “can do” attitude that can win over even the most reticent of people. If you haven’t figured it out yet, Henry is our beloved Golden Retriever who is our official mascot and office pup!



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