The temps are FINALLY falling and soon enough, so will the leaves. In addition to raking and piling and bagging, we have a few fall home maintenance tips to transition from hot summer weather to a touch of fall and, if you know Indiana weather, quickly into freezing temperatures.

Gutters, gutters, gutters

If you Google anything about fall home maintenance, this is at the top of every list for a reason. Neglecting to clear your gutters of leaves can have a serious trickle down affect (pun TOTALLY intended). Be sure to also check the point of exit for any drain lines that are buried – those pop-ups need to be cleared, too. If your gutters can’t drain the water, you could find yourself with a flooded interior or damage on the exterior from water pooling around the foundation. Clean them out yourself or plan to hire someone – it’s well worth the time or money to keep things draining properly!

Drain those outdoor hoses

Unless you look forward to buying new hoses every spring, take 10 minutes to drain hoses and disconnect them from the outdoor spigots to prevent standing water from freezing.

Change your HVAC filter

Replacing your heating and air conditioning filters on a regular basis can help to keep your system in top operating conditions while also reducing your energy bill. On average, a homeowner should be replacing their filters every 3 months as a rule of thumb. There are several factors that can contribute to less often or more frequent filter changes but if you’ve just moved into your home, keeping an eye on the filter on a quarterly basis throughout the year should give you a pretty good indication of exactly how often your home needs a new filter.

Swap out your batteries

Here’s your friendly PSA on fire safety. If you have smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors that require batteries, change them out and ensure your devices are working.

Prepare for winter

We all know how quickly fall turns into winter in Indiana. If your concrete walkway/patio is less than a  year old, you should refrain from using ice melts or salt as these could cosmetically damage the surface. Even after that first year, apply with care and sweep the surface clean once the ice melts.

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