In Indiana, if you blink you’ll likely miss the transition from winter into summer. This weekend was the perfect example. We’ve been pleading for warmer weather, especially considering our recent restrictions, and Mother Nature has delivered!

If you are like several of our clients, you’re adjusting to life in a new home this summer. That can be both exciting and overwhelming. We’re here to help you with our quick home maintenance list for summer!

Summer home maintenance tips

In this article we’ll tackle some summer basic home maintenance tips. Staying on top of these upkeep items will make your house safe and comfortable through the summer months, allowing you that much needed time outdoors!

Check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

Put this one on the calendar for the first day of every season and create a new safety habit. While the smoke detectors we install aren’t battery-operated, it’s still a good idea to check that they’re operating. At least once every 3 months, check that the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are functioning properly in your home.

Get the AC serviced

Replacing your heating and air conditioning filters on a regular basis can help to keep your system in top operating conditions while also reducing your energy bill. On average, a homeowner should be replacing their filters every 3 months as a rule of thumb. There are several factors that can contribute to less often or more frequent filter changes but if you’ve just moved into your home, keeping an eye on the filter on a quarterly basis throughout the year should give you a pretty good indication of exactly how often your home needs a new filter.

If you notice your unit isn’t keeping things cool, start by checking the filter. It’s also a good idea to have your units serviced by a technician every season. If you built your home with Compendium Group, we have a helpful section in your Welcome Home packet that covers your air conditioning unit and troubleshooting tips that you can run through before you call for service.

Check the hose(s) for leaks

Every bit counts when you’re watching the bottom line! Even the tiniest leak in your garden hose can add up to a hefty waster of water over the summer. Be sure your hose is attached tightly at the spigot and thoroughly inspect the hose line for holes. If you find one, first make sure the hose is dry before winding duct tape or electrical tape around the hose to stop the leak.

Mulch for weed maintenance and moisture retainment

Add a solid layer of mulch to keep weeds down and help the ground retain its moisture in the heat. Show your outdoor plants some love by trimming any dead foliage to help keep them tidy and growing strong. Clear any excess growth around your outdoor air conditioning unit to prevent ventilation issues.

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