There’s so much historical and architectural significance in the circle city and Indianapolis does a really great job of upholding the legacies that created the foundations that we now build upon in many Indianapolis historic districts. As builders, we feel it is not only an honor but a responsibility to create new homesteads, or renovate the existing, in the likeness of what once stood on that lot many decades ago.

Embarking on a new home build or renovation in a historic district may seem like a daunting task. It may very well BE a daunting task if you’re tackling the approval process alone. But, at Compendium Group, we have a team of experts that have walked this path hundreds of times before you and we’re always very excited to be presented with a build that allows us to put our heads together with the goal of building something that checks off all the boxes, on all sides of the equation, with respect to historic expectations.

Building in historic districts in Indianapolis

In 1967, the Indianapolis Historic Preservation Commission (IHPC) was established to help our city preserve historically significant neighborhoods and structures. The approval process varies slightly from neighborhood to neighborhood but generally involves the following:

  • We spend a great deal of time educating clients interested in building in a historic district about the historical process, what the IHPC is and what it does. Building in a historic district adds a few hurdles to the build process, so this step is crucial in laying that out head of time so that all parties are aware of expectations.
  • Once we locate the lot for your new home and define broad goals, we’ll start the process of making sure your home design complies with IHPC and the neighborhood standards.
    • We work with the neighborhood itself, attending neighborhood meetings, gaining any needed insight into that neighborhood’s expectations of builders. We value highly any and all neighborhood input as to how they want their neighborhood to develop.
    • We often address the land use committees of the desired neighborhood at this stage, as well.
    • We will begin working with our team to apply all of the information collected to initial design concepts for your home.
  • We will present detailed documentation and designs for approval by the IHPC.
  • Once your new home designs have been approved by the IHPC and the neighborhood committee, the city will hold a final public hearing.

Finding your historic neighborhood

There are a number of historic districts in Indianapolis, several of which we build in. Visit the page for more historic neighborhoods and more information about the IHPC.

Herron Morton Place

Old North Side

Cottage Home

  • Read more about the historical significance of Cottage Home.
  • Visit their association website HERE.

Interested in building or renovating your own home in a historic district?
If you are considering a new build or renovation in a historic neighborhood, choose a team that handles the approval process for you. We do! Let’s have a chat about your project. Get ahold of us!

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